Prop Firms Pro and Cons

I do not recommend anyone to sign up with a prop firm right away. You do need a working edge and experience ontop of being profitable on SIM for a good while in order for this to make sense. I signed up right away, blown a lot of evals and picked up some bad habbits along the way because of it so please practice on sim and find your edge before considering it.

Once you have a working edge and are profitable for a while with it on sim I do think there are a lot of advantages to starting a combine and getting funded. The biggest one IMO and why I personally use them is the psychology aspect. The worst point in my trading is my psychology and since I am fully discretionary and mostly scalping off of instinct and feel with obviously some rules in place but still I rely heavily on my mind being in the right place to trade. And trading another persons capital makes that a lot easier than trading my own. The additional leverage is just the tipping on the cake.

There are plenty of prop firms out there. I have tried most of them but for me personally apex just makes the most sense and since they are the biggest one I also dont see them going under pretty much every cause they have a working system. On top of that they are by far the cheapest and have the easiest rules when it comes to passing

I have withdrawn from them multiple times without any problems so they do pay fast and easy. If you have any questions regarding the payout proccess feel free to ask me in my Discord.

But do have in the back of your mind: Those Prop Firms really dont wan’t or need you to suceed - they make most of their money from people blowing their accounts and buying resets. This doesnt mean that you can’t use them to make money - just don’t be like most traders and gamble without a edge.

If you feel like you are ready and you do decide to sign up I obviously appreciate it if you would use my link or coupon code. I do get a small 15% kickback. I will always bee 100% transparent about my affiliate earnings aswell and with my code you always get the best dicsount currently available:



I have also made a full Video on them:

looking to get funded

looking to get funded