Trading The Trades

Free Orderflow Course

This course teaches you the basic principles of orderflow trading and how to use it to improve or develope an edge in the market. Trading is highly individual and it probably won’t work for you exactly like I do it. But it should give you a good general understanding on how the markets and orderflow works and hopefully provide you with some value you so can then build or improve your own edge which fits your personality the best.

Part 1: Difference between Limit and Market orders and what actually moves the market?

Read about what I am going over in this Article

Part 2: Times and sales and how to identify big buyers and sellers and learn to follow what they do.

Part 3: Market Volume Profile. The “Bellcurve” system and how to identify fair price.

Part 4: What are actual Pivots and how can you identify them and what do they mean?

Part 5: Basics of Auction Market Theory and how to spot and use it on the DOM

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